In recent years, due to increased cases of high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, atherosclerosis, this has led to increased cases of stroke year by year. Stroke is loss of brain function due to a disturbance in the blood supply to the brain either due to lack of blood flow or hemorrhage. Patients with stroke suffer from hemiplegia. Hemiplegia is paralysis of one side of the body (upper/lower limbs, facial muscles, tongue movement disorders.) Not only is the incidence of stroke found in the elderly but young people and adults also suffer from it. Most patients who have had a stroke hemiplegic sequelae, cannot lead normal lives on their own due to facial weakness, abnormal speech and they do not walk freely making their lives very difficult and inconveniencing.

Stroke Symptoms:
1. Dizziness.
2. Headaches,
often severe headache.
3. Often
numbness, tongue numbness, lips numbness, tingling on one side of the lower limbs.
4. Sudden weakness on one side affecting the patient’s mobility.
5. Often
slurred speech.
6. Sudden unexplained fainting.
7. Mental changes, transient loss of consciousness, judgment or mental retardation.
8. Lethargy, drowsiness.
9. Transient blurred vision or sudden blindness.

The incidence of stroke:
1. Patients with hypertension are at a great risk, 80% of these cases are caused by cerebral hemorrhage resulting from hypertension.
2. Elevated blood lipids (cholesterol) leads to blood viscosity, slow blood flow, reduce blood supply to the brain, increasing the degree of atherosclerosis.
3. Diabetes associated with atherosclerosis, the increase in the blood glucose levels will cause blood sugar level and coagulation to increase which accelerates the formation of cerebral thrombosis.
4. Myocardial infarction, heart failure, cerebral blood supply shortage will cause cerebral infarction.

Reasonable diet for stroke patients:
1. Eat more vegetables and fruits, such as carrots, spinach, onion, garlic, arrowroots, mushrooms and so on.
2. Restriction fat intake, reduced animal fat, avoid eating egg yolk, increase of polyunsaturated fatty acids, and take vegetable oil.
3. Increase the amount of protein, fish, soy products.
4. Limit sugar and sugary foods.
5. Limit salt intake to 3g daily.
6. Often drink warm water.

How to prevent stroke:
1. High blood pressure patients to monitor blood pressure, and use of antihypertensive drugs so as to stabilize their blood pressure.
2. Lead a healthy life by: eat healthy diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, not overeating, quit alcohol and smoking, eat less high-fat, avoid high-salty foods and also avoid constipation.
3. Regular check-ups, if symptoms are detected early enough, this can help in early prevention.
4. Note that climatic changes affect patients with hypertension and blood pressure instability could develop into stroke.
5. Physical exercise.

Sunshine Recovery Centre can use Traditional Chinese medicine approach for diagnosis and treatment of these patients. Experienced Chinese acupuncturist, Chinese massage doctors, Medicine and Physical therapy will help with the best rehabilitation of patients. Within 48hours after the acute phase, treatment is most effective and after prognosis of six months the patient will have acquired a smooth recovery.

After the centre makes a scientific assessment of each patient, it will give the specific patient’s treatment plan. This Scientific and effective treatment approach helps stroke patients regain their health and lead normal lives.