We offer wellness check services to prevent the prevalence of a myriad of medical conditions.

Our center is well equipped with a state of the art dental department and qualified Dentists.

We provide rehabilitation care to patients

Therapeutic massage is effective for persistent low back pain with long-lasting benefits.

We offer top of the art maternity services for women.

We are committed to enhancing the health of mothers and children.

Medical Department

Medical treatment is the mother’s milk of a health center. At Sunshine Medical Diagnostic Centre, we are a specialized hub in treating all illnesses. In order to prevent the prevalence of a myriad of medical conditions, we offer wellness check services. The aim here is to: Prevent a health crisis for you and your loved…

Laboratory Department

The Laboratory forms an integral part of Sunshine Medical Diagnostic Centre. It is run by experienced Lab Technologists and specialized Consultant Pathologists. We are also affiliated to Path care and Lancet Kenya. Services offered include;- Clinical Chemistry (Biochemistry) This carries out analysis of serum, urine, cerebral spinal fluid and other body fluids. LFTs KFTs Lipid…

Radiology Department

X-ray Department procedures include; 1. Digital X-ray procedures including;- All Spine x-rays Thoracic and abdominal x-rays Pelvis x-ray Head and Para nasal sinuses Both upper and lower limbs 2. Dental x-ray 3. Ultrasound – For 3D Services include:- Gynecology and obstetrics Abdominal pelvic scans Renal scans Small parts e.g. Thyroid, scrotal and breast.