Our Vision

To be the first class healthcare center offering exceptional high quality, holistic and affordable medical services in Kenya while ensuring that our customer expectations are met.

Our Mission

We are driven by professionalism, our professionals who have core and first-hand experience in the provision of healthcare services, supported by our state of art equipment and best products, thus focus our inspirations and values to commitment, compassion, competence, excellence, human dignity, integrity, objectivity, subsidiary and social responsibility while caring for our customers.

Who We Are

We are a medical and diagnostic center with all the ingredients and qualities of a modern day healthcare center and also registered with the Kenya Medical Practitioners & Dentists Board whose license we renew every year without fail since 2012.

Sunshine Medical Diagnostic Centre is out to offer outpatient medical care and is run by specialists with a variety of health care services including;

  • Medical Department including Special Clinics
  • Imaging Department,
  • Laboratory,
  • Dental including dental x- ray,
  • Minor theatre,
  • Pharmacy,
  • Recovery Centre
  • Obesity Centre

The facility has a well-equipped Laboratory that is able to perform both basic and specialized tests managed by a qualified Lab Technologist under the supervision of a Pathologist.

With experienced physicians at our disposal, we have been able to meet our patients’ expectations and demands, a fully stocked Pharmacy for all medical requirements hence serving as a one stop health care center.

We offer treatment by thoroughly assessing, testing, diagnosing, and prescribing to our patients hence committed to being the first class Medical Centre where the patient’s health is entirely our concern.

Sunshine Medical Diagnostic Centre is privileged with admission rights in all major hospitals in Nairobi. The Medical Centre has been accredited by NHIF and other corporate organizations.